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Social Media Management

Social Media is booming with billions of users worldwide – which is why it is imperative for your brand to be in the digital space among your competitors. Social Media allows you to connect with your customers on a more intimate level.

We have a team of social media experts who thrive on content creation and digital strategies. Let us create your online content and target the right market for your brand!

Our social media management consists of creating content and designs, planning digital campaigns, managing the online user experience and staying abreast of digital trends


Websites are the ‘storefront’ of your online presence and are a crucial digital marketing channel. Your website may be information-driven or an e-commerce site, either way, our focus is to achieve your objectives.

We will take you through the design journey to create a customized, unique website that you can be proud of. Leave it to our Web Specialists to optimize, design, adapt and customise your site.

We will ensure that your website is user-friendly and top of mind.


We are proudly partnered with a global digital ad-technology network that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimally blend data and media in order to get the right advert in front of the market.

Our AI & Machine Learning will filter consumers through the right channel at the right time and on the right device.

We are also affiliated with an omnichannel AI solution, which harnesses the power of ChatBot machine learning to automate and improve the quality of responses to audiences in one central messaging dashboard.


Online advertising is an essential element of your digital marketing strategy – Magos Digital can help your brand excel with paid advertising.

We can spread your brand far and wide using tailored audiences according to your specifications. We will also create custom content to boost your brand awareness.

Our online paid advertising scope is wide and includes (but is not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Display Network, including Google Ads and SEO.


Planning campaigns is something we pride ourselves in and we love to reach the best results for your objectives!
We will manage your online presence from concept to execution.

Magos Digital can manage different digital platforms for your brand. We manage campaigns across social media, websites, SEO and Google Adwords. These campaigns are conceptualised through different tactics – we offer Influencer Marketing, Photography, Videography and more as part of campaigning.

Our innovative team will be thrilled to pull off your digital campaign and tie the entire concept together. We will help you achieve higher engagement rates, conversions and leads.


Our team at Magos Digital would be delighted to capture your brand on camera or film. We offer the likes of photography and videography and can tailor it to your specifications.


Design is a MUST in any form of advertising. It’s what you need to capture your audience. We have a team of designers at Magos Digital who would be delighted to build your brand’s design.

We have the capability to design your CI, your online advertising, website design, digital signatures and so much more.


Magos Digital offers a 360-degree service – we can pull off whatever you desire and we have all the resources to do it. This is why we also offer copywriting services where we can create custom content tailored to your brand, we can proofread existing content and create quirky campaigns accordingly.

With content marketing, we offer more than just social media marketing – we offer the likes of email marketing, blogging and radio & TV copy too. Contact us to get your content in the lime light!


At Magos Digital, we offer a full array of digital services including email marketing. Through social media, we are able to generate leads and audiences to opt-in to email marketing. We can keep your brand top-of-mind with quirky emails and your latest deals. Let us design and write your emails for you!

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